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Student loans and divorce

Divorcing while in debt can often make a difficult situation even more challenging. If you or your spouse has student loan debt and you are unsure how this will work during your divorce, the information below may provide some assistance for your Mississippi divorce....

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Common problems with divorcing over 50

Mississippi and other states are starting to see an increase in the number of divorces that are happening to couples over 50 years old. Newly coined as “gray divorces,” these types of divorce proceedings can be more challenging than divorces sought by younger couples....

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What is spousal support?

When you and your spouse decide that it's time to call it quits, the long process of divorce will start. One of the biggest topics discussed during a divorce is finances. In Mississippi, one spouse may be awarded spousal support to ensure a stable financial future....

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Hiding marital assets

Undergoing a divorce in Mississippi can be time-consuming and emotionally stressful. It may seem like there's so much to go over. It's easy to forget certain topics that you wanted to discuss. When it comes to accounting for marital assets, there are some assets that...

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